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Why Rockspring

Spring Mountain

Sometimes we’ve been wounded. We are bitter and end up in hard places. 

We are in relationships that have grown painful, disappointing, even hopeless.

It seems there are insurmountable chasms, and we are stuck with nowhere to go. Sometimes the hard places consume all our joy, and we are simply numb. Our emotions have dried up, and we no longer feel. At other times, the hard places can trigger fear, desperation, or anxiety attacks. 

I believe that my clients are experts on their “rocks” and hard places, more than they realize. They actually possess an innate ability to discover a pathway to freedom and to a better source of solutions. That source is like an inner spring that carries the power of softening hard ground. It nurtures and it brings self-healing.

Finding that inner spring not only leads to healing in those hard and seemingly impossible places; it can lead to a place of thriving.My task is to guide my clients in building a pathway to this inner spring. My passion is to co-create safe and collaborative therapeutic spaces for individuals and families to thrive.

About : About Me

My Professional Background

What Makes Me Stand Out

MA, R.C.C. (#19056)

As an immigrant from the eastern world, I am dedicated to bridging my own culture with the West, and I am passionate about helping clients explore the meaning of their relationships and lives.

Holding a client-centered stance, I utilize systemic and evidence-based approaches to engage, empower, and support clients for their desired change. Also, I am in awe of the power of spirituality during the process of change.

I believe that clients are experts in their own lives, and they possess an innate ability to discover a better source of solutions. I strive to co-create safe and collaborative therapeutic spaces for individuals and families to heal and thrive.

Specializes in:

Anxiety and Depression

Couple Therapy 

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

Play Therapy

Trauma-informed Care

Suicidal Intervention

Parenting Support

Conflict Mediation 

Faith-based Therapy

Other area of services:

Violence & Abuse

Loss & Grief


Anger Management 

Stress Management

Time Management 

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