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Counselling Services

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. 
Take a look at the services I offer, and get in touch with me today.

Psychology Session

Individual Therapy

Are you experiencing distress in your daily life? Do not wait until it becomes severe before going to therapy. 

All the physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental symptoms and issues manifest the dysfunction of our body and relationships internally and externally. Also, I am aware of how past experiences shape individuals’ lives and bring different meanings to them. Prioritizing clients' safety, my job is to utilize evidence-based approaches to help clients identify underlying causes of presenting issues and to engage, empower, and support my clients for desired change. 

Relationships/Couples Therapy

How is your relationship dance with your partner? Come and see a counsellor if both of you are feeling a gridlock. Unresolved conflicts are a given norm in relationships, and couples must learn to manage them through emotional engagement and positive communication. My focus is to help you map out your specific emotional needs and how your partner can meet them.

Couples Therapy
Child Psycholgist

Family Therapy

“No single person can be fully blamed for family distress.” Holding a systemic stance, I view the interactional patterns of the family as a sort of “mind” or organism that is not controlled by any single member. All behavior is a form of communication; it makes sense in the context in which it is expressed, within the rules of that particular system. My job is to help families understand the family system (homeostasis) or relational triangulations they dwell in and facilitate them to reach preferred new homeostasis.

Services: Services
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